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Our 45th Anniversary SALE!

Enjoy 45% savings on these SeedSowers titles until OCT 31

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  • Here's How to Win Souls
    $9.95 Here's How to Win Souls
                Here it is, a book that became the textbook on personal evangelism in seminaries and Bible schools all over the world, plus a beautiful addition by Gene Edwards as he sees evangelism...

  • I, Jeanne Guyon
    $12.95 I, Jeanne Guyon
                Readers of Jeanne Guyon have been waiting for this book. Guyon’s biography and autobiography are the most recommended, most read, and most revered life...

  • Introduction to the Deeper Christian Life - the series
    $31.35 Introduction to the Deeper Christian Life, the Series
    Introduction to the Deeper Christian Life, the Series -      Three of Edwards' most helpful books give introduction to the deeper life in Christ. Living by the Highest Life - Find a new living relationship...

  • The Jeanne Guyon Nobody Knows
    $10.95 Jeanne Guyon Nobody Knows
                This volume is a look at Guyon’s life that Gene Edwards discovered while in Europe researching the history of the Nonconformists. This included...

  • The Silas Diary
    $10.95 Silas Diary
    What was it really like to live in the New Testament era? This historical narrative parallels the book of Acts, giving a first-person account of Paul's first journey. We see it through the eyes of Silas, a friend and...

  • The Titus Diary
    $10.95 Titus Diary
    This captivating, historical narrative continues the events of the book of Acts, first begun in The Silas Diary. Told from the viewpoint of Titus, one of apostle Paul's traveling companions, The Titus Diary is a firsthand...

  • The Timothy Diary
    $10.95 Timothy Diary
    Based on the book of Acts, this compelling story of the first-century church focuses on Paul's adventurous journeys. In The Timothy Diary Paul's young Christian companion, Timothy, gives a firsthand account of the third...

  • Priscilla Diary
    $10.95 Priscilla Diary
    Learn more about the greatest letters ever penned! Hear the stories of Paul's continued travels to the first-century churches narrated from the unique perspective of Priscilla, a vibrant first-century Christian woman! Paul...

  • The Gaius Diary
    $10.95 Gaius Diary
    In this gripping narrative we hear of many historical events that cause perilous times for the fledgling church. Gaius tells of the fall of Jerusalem and the martyrdom of Christians torn apart by wild animals in the...

  • Revolutionary Bible Study
    $12.95 Revolutionary Bible Study
         Revolutionary Bible Study introduces a totally new way to study God’s Word, making the Scripture clearer than it has ever been known before. It can, not only revolutionize our understanding of...

  • Unleashing The Word of God
    $12.95 $7.95 Unleashing The Word of God
    It happened 1800 years ago. The chaotic arrangement was accepted and later became the only way to arrange Paul's letters. As a result, we cannot know what the New Testament is saying. We have never seen the church of Century...

  • God Is Looking for a Man for the 21st Century (The Arena,Pamphlet)
    $2.95 God Is Looking for a Man for the 21st Century (The Arena,Pamphlet)
    A pamphlet written to fiery young men, to call those men to believe that the church as it exists today is a hopeless cause; to step out of the traditional church and enter the arena, while others sit in the stands and change...

  • The Story of My Life as Told by Jesus Christ
    $14.95 Story of My Life, as Told by Jesus Christ
          Listen to Jesus, the Christ, tell His own story . . . in His own words.      You will find all four Gospel accounts combined in one single, flowing narrative. The Story of...

  • Acts in First Person
    $9.95 Acts in First Person
                You have read the book of Acts before, but you have never read the story as told by the men who lived it. In the first eleven chapters Peter tells the story of Acts. Then...

  • Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ
    $12.95 Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ
    Jeanne Guyon has brought many people to a deeper walk with Jesus Christ and an understanding of the indwelling Christ. She leads the reader to find Christ where He is, within our spirit.  Jeanne Guyon wrote...

  • Practicing His Presence
    $10.95 Practicing His Presence
    If you wish to know your Lord in a deeper way, you are invited to join the vast host of Christians who, over three centuries, have turned to this book more than any other - except the Scriptures - in order to begin that...

  • The Seeking Heart
    $10.95 Seeking Heart
    The Seeking Heart is an updated version of a series of spiritual letters Fenelon wrote to the seekers of his time. Written to individuals concerning a variety of issues, the spiritual wisdom and counsel contained within...

  • The Spiritual Guide by Michael Molinos
    $10.95 Spiritual Guide
    There have been more copies of this book burned than perhaps any other single Christian book ever published. So powerful was its influence on Europe that within six years of its release this book had been translated into...

  • Living By The Highest Life
    $10.95 Living by the Highest Life
    After years of work, Gene Edwards has completely revised the book entitled The Highest Life. Going beyond the revisions, he has included embossed diagrams to assist you in understanding your life in Christ. Edwards...

  • Secret to the Christian Life
    $10.95 Secret to the Christian Life
    by Gene Edwards Have we overlooked the main point? Edwards moves past all traditional views and formulas of how to live the Christian life to unfold a view never before presented in all the history of Christian literature...

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