Edwards, Gene

A Tale of Three Kings

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All over the world, Christians have taken to heart this simple, powerful and beautiful story based on the biblical figures of David, Saul, and Absalom.

This tale, told by one of America's foremost storytellers, has been turned into a play that has been performed by professionals on stage and enacted in simple dramas in churches.

Christian leaders and directors of religious movements throughout the world have encouraged their members and staff to read this book. Countless Christians have been helped, comforted and healed from the pain, loss and heartache they have experienced as a result of unfair treatment at the hands of other believers. You will want to join these other people who have been profoundly touched by this incomparable story.

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3 Reviews

Aug 17th 2017

Best Book for Understanding God's Activity in Relationships

As a young man starting in ministry on staff, this book prepared me to live an attitude of God's sovereign presence and trusting God with every relationship and opportunity which might unfold as the years progressed.

Jim Way Mar 1st 2017

Best Book Ever Written

Everyone should read this book. It is a fantastic view into our very own soul and spirit.

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