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  • Fair Helen
    $4.95 Fair Helen
    Gene Edwards pours his heart onto the pages collected here - a lifetime of great love penned to his very heart, Helen. Read these poems for a glimpse of true love...

  • The Birth - A Play
    $100.00 The Birth - A Play
    A scripted play of one of the greatest stories ever told - The Birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This product is a PDF of the physical script of the play. Downloadable for printing multiple copies and deliverable without...

  • When the Church Was Led Only by Laymen
    $2.95 When the Church Was Led Only by Laymen (eBook)
    You have been denied the greatest privilege a Christian can know, and you do not even know it! Virtually every Christian for the last 1700 years has not known of this loss. What do you mean? You may ask. This fact: the...

  • I, Jeanne Guyon
    $12.95 I, Jeanne Guyon
                Readers of Jeanne Guyon have been waiting for this book. Guyon’s biography and autobiography are the most recommended, most read, and most revered life...

  • Here's How to Win Souls
    $9.95 Here's How to Win Souls
                Here it is, a book that became the textbook on personal evangelism in seminaries and Bible schools all over the world, plus a beautiful addition by Gene Edwards as he sees evangelism...

  • La Liberacion de Espiritu
    $9.95 La Liberacion del Espiritu
    En este libro Watchman Nee revela uno de los secretos del servicio cristiano, el cual indudablemente explica por que muchos de sus colaboradores en China pudieron lograr un ministerio que ha captado la atencion de todo el...

  • El Divino Romance
    $11.95 El Divino Romance
    La mas Bella historia de amor que se haya relatado jamas             Un libro de poder, belleza y grandiosidad... Raras veces se ha combinado en una obra de literatura...

  • Introduction to the Deeper Christian Life - the series
    $31.35 Introduction to the Deeper Christian Life, the Series
    Introduction to the Deeper Christian Life, the Series -      Three of Edwards' most helpful books give introduction to the deeper life in Christ. Living by the Highest Life - Find a new living relationship...

  • Practicing His Presence eBook
    $10.95 $7.95 Practicing His Presence (eBook)
    This is an EBOOK and once purchased will be downloadable. If you wish to know your Lord in a deeper way, you are invited to join the vast host of Christians who, over three centuries, have turned to this book more than...

  • The Secret to the Christian Life 2 CD set
    Set of two CDs, audio book os Secret to the Christiian Life, by Gene Edwards. See description under the title Secret to the Christian Life.

    This message of encouragement and wisdom offered to Christians who have been hurt by other Christians later evolved into a book by the same title, which book was later renamed Exquisite Agony.

  • Stories I Love to Tell
    $17.96 Stories I Love to Tell
    Stories I Love to Tell by  Beloved author Gene Edwards shares stories including some of his own experiences One of the best story tellers of the modern era, Gene Edwards has crafted a collage of tales to delight...

  • The Silas Diary
    $10.95 Silas Diary
    What was it really like to live in the New Testament era? This historical narrative parallels the book of Acts, giving a first-person account of Paul's first journey. We see it through the eyes of Silas, a friend and...

  • The Titus Diary
    $10.95 Titus Diary
    This captivating, historical narrative continues the events of the book of Acts, first begun in The Silas Diary. Told from the viewpoint of Titus, one of apostle Paul's traveling companions, The Titus Diary is a firsthand...

  • The Timothy Diary
    $10.95 Timothy Diary
    Based on the book of Acts, this compelling story of the first-century church focuses on Paul's adventurous journeys. In The Timothy Diary Paul's young Christian companion, Timothy, gives a firsthand account of the third...

  • The Priscilla Diary
    $12.95 Priscilla Diary
    Learn more about the greatest letters ever penned! Hear the stories of Paul's continued travels to the first-century churches narrated from the unique perspective of Priscilla, a vibrant first-century Christian woman! Paul...

  • The Gaius Diary
    $12.95 Gaius Diary
    In this gripping narrative we hear of many historical events that cause perilous times for the fledgling church. Gaius tells of the fall of Jerusalem and the martyrdom of Christians torn apart by wild animals in the...

  • Living Close to God (When You Are Not Good At It)
    $12.95 Living Close to God . . . When You're Not Good at It
    A practical, fascinating book on the "how" of a Christian's spiritual life--a spiritual life for Christians who are not good at being spiritual! The author Gene Edwards places himself in the class of "the spiritually...

  • Revolutionary Bible Study
    $12.95 Revolutionary Bible Study
         Revolutionary Bible Study introduces a totally new way to study God’s Word, making the Scripture clearer than it has ever been known before. It can, not only revolutionize our understanding of...

  • Unleashing The Word of God
    $12.95 $7.95 Unleashing The Word of God
    It happened 1800 years ago. The chaotic arrangement was accepted and later became the only way to arrange Paul's letters. As a result, we cannot know what the New Testament is saying. We have never seen the church of Century...

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