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Bible Commentaries

  • The Silas Diary
    $10.95 Silas Diary
    What was it really like to live in the New Testament era? This historical narrative parallels the book of Acts, giving a first-person account of Paul's first journey. We see it through the eyes of Silas, a friend and...

  • The Titus Diary
    $10.95 Titus Diary
    This captivating, historical narrative continues the events of the book of Acts, first begun in The Silas Diary. Told from the viewpoint of Titus, one of apostle Paul's traveling companions, The Titus Diary is a firsthand...

  • The Timothy Diary
    $10.95 Timothy Diary
    Based on the book of Acts, this compelling story of the first-century church focuses on Paul's adventurous journeys. In The Timothy Diary Paul's young Christian companion, Timothy, gives a firsthand account of the third...

  • The Priscilla Diary
    $12.95 Priscilla Diary
    Learn more about the greatest letters ever penned! Hear the stories of Paul's continued travels to the first-century churches narrated from the unique perspective of Priscilla, a vibrant first-century Christian woman! Paul...

  • The Gaius Diary
    $12.95 Gaius Diary
    In this gripping narrative we hear of many historical events that cause perilous times for the fledgling church. Gaius tells of the fall of Jerusalem and the martyrdom of Christians torn apart by wild animals in the...

  • The Beginning
    $10.95 The Beginning
    Commentary on Genesis, Creation, the fall of man. A fresh new telling of an old, old story - from the perspective of the angels. In The Beginning, God creates the heavens... and the visible realm, including the earth and...

  • The Birth
    $10.95 The Birth
    Commentary on Luke's Gospel.  In the glorious heavenly realm, the angels strain eagerly to understand. What new thing is God doing as Gabriel slips through the door and fights his way to earth? In that lower realm,...

  • The Escape
    $10.95 The Escape
    Commentary on Exodus. God's voice breaks into Abram's consciousness. The livestock farmer responds with faith, following God's direction to an unknown land. Meanwhile, in the heavenlies, the angels eagerly watch as God...

  • The Triumph
    $10.95 The Triumph
    A commentary on John 21 & 22. "Await my command, Michael... Do nothing unless I so order. Do you understand?" The mightiest of archangels was torn between his rage and the restraining voice of his Lord. Seeing Jesus...

  • The Return
    $10.95 The Return
    A commentary on Revelation. Until now. the Return of Christ has been presented in a theological genre. Lay aside your theological views and enter into the drama of His return. Meet John on Patmos, astronomers on Mt. Palomar,...

  • The Chronicles of Heaven (a set of five books) by Gene Edwards
    $49.95 Chronicles of Heaven (The SET of five books)
    A five-book series, commentaries on Genesis, Exodus, Luke, the 21st and 22nd chapters of John, and on Revelation. See more detailed descriptions under the five titles: The Beginning, The Escape, The Birth, The Triumph, The...

  • The First-Century Diaries SET
    $49.95 First-Century Diaries (The SET of Five Books)The Life and Letters of Paul
         These five books are revolutionary. These five books give you a living dynamic of all Paul's letters--in the order he wrote them rather than in the order found in your New Testament. They give you a...

  • Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) Commentary
    $12.95 Song of Songs (Song of Solomon)
    Here is the story of a young maiden fervently in love with her suitor. Guyon reveals this as the relationship of the believer to the Lord, and opens new vistas for understanding the Lord's ways in bringing the believer to...

  • Are We Really Being Biblical?
    $3.95 Are We Really Being Biblical?
    Every week ministers declare, "We are New testament." What they actually mean is this: They have sewn together a group of scattered verses." Ministers today do not know the order of the books of the New Testament. No book...

  • Genesis Commentary
    $10.95 Genesis Commentary
    Jeanne Guyon wrote a commentary on all of the books of the Bible. This commentary on the first book of Bible is a fitting beginning, showcasing Genesis as seen from the principles and dynamics of the deeper Christian life...

  • Exodus Commentary by Madam Guyon
    $10.95 Exodus Commentary
    A commentary on Exodus, by Jeanne Guyon

  • Leviticus, Numbers,& Deuteronomy, Commentaries
    $10.95 Leviticus, Numbers,& Deuteronomy, Commentaries
    A commentary by Jeanne Guyon on the books of Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

  •  Commentary on the Book of Judges
    $10.95 Judges Commentary
    A commentary on the book of Judges, by Jeanne Guyon

  • El Nacimiento
    $9.95 El Nacimiento
    Spanish version of The Birth by Gene Edwards

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