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Church History

Books on Church History

  • I, Jeanne Guyon
    $12.95 I, Jeanne Guyon
                Readers of Jeanne Guyon have been waiting for this book. Guyon’s biography and autobiography are the most recommended, most read, and most revered life...

  • The Priscilla Diary
    $12.95 Priscilla Diary
    Learn more about the greatest letters ever penned! Hear the stories of Paul's continued travels to the first-century churches narrated from the unique perspective of Priscilla, a vibrant first-century Christian woman! Paul...

  • Revolution the Story of the Early Church
    $12.95 Revolution, The Story of the Early Church
    A rip roaring, hair raising, edge-of-your-chair saga of the first-century believers. From the day of Pentecost, on through the first seventeen years, every historical figure of that age is there: alive, vivid, believable...

  • Climb the Highest Mountain
    $12.95 Climb the Highest Mountain
       Few pieces of Christian literature ever address the subject of division in the body of Christ. Fewer still address the problem of how a Christian should conduct himself in such times and how to survive the...

  • Revolucion La Historia de la Iglesia Primitiva
    $9.95 Revolucion la Historia de la Iglesia Primitiva
    Una alborozada, espeluznante y emocionante epopeya de los creyentes del primer siglo. A partir del dia de Pentecostés y a través de los primeros diecisiete años, todo personaje histórico de...

  • The Torch of the Testimony
    $14.95 Torch of the Testimony
    The 2,000-year history of those Christians - and churches - that have stood outside the Protestant-Catholic tradition. This book was originally published in India in 1964 and is little known in the western world. Beginning...

  • Going to Church in the First Century (Pamphlet)
    $6.95 Going to Church in the First Century
    ""There I was, nervous but curious. My hosts were fairly level-headed types who wouldn't get mixed up in anything out of the way. Being Greeks, they didn't have the advantage of a good Roman grounding in our religious and...

  • When the Church was Young by Earnest Loosley
    $8.95 When the Church Was Young
    A voice from out of the past reminds us of radical issues which have not yet been resolved by the Reformation, nor even by Christians living in this modern age. This book reveals that the early church existed, even thrived...

  • The Passing of the Torch by James Chen
    $9.95 $2.95 Passing of the Torch
    In delivering this stirring and heart wrenching challenge to seize an ancient, worn and blood-stained torch, which even at the moment seemed about to go out and fall to the ground, James Chen had unwittingly laid down a...

  • Perfil de Tres Monarcas
    $9.95 Perfil de Tres Monarcas
    Spanish edition of A Tale of Three Kings

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