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Life of Christ

  • The Story of My Life as Told by Jesus Christ
    $14.95 Story of My Life, as Told by Jesus Christ
          Listen to Jesus, the Christ, tell His own story . . . in His own words.      You will find all four Gospel accounts combined in one single, flowing narrative. The Story of...

  • Christ Before Creation by Gene Edwards
    $7.95 Christ Before Creation
    "Come, take my hand. Together let us go into God...into the very center of God Himself." Gene Edwards thus takes you on a journey into God, there to explore the invisibles. This book is listed in our order form as part of...

  • Your Lord is a Blue Collar Worker
    $8.95 Your Lord Is a Blue Collar Worker
    It is the year 17 A.D. in Nazareth. Three young men, all twenty-one years old, begin their training to serve God. Two of the three men leave Nazareth. They are traveling to the holy city of Jerusalem to study and train in...

  • The Power of His Resurrection
    $9.95 Power of His Resurrection
    T. Austin-Sparks spoke often on the resurrection and the outworking of resurrection life in the Christian walk. In this book, The Power of His Resurrection, Sparks uses the life of Elisha and Elijah to bring forth the...

  • Concerning Our Missions
    $3.95 Concerning Our Missions
    Watchman Nee spoke messages to young workers who were under his leadership in The Little Flock of China, not intending the messages for publication. Later he decided he should publish the messages, drawing from the notes the...

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