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Comfort & Healing

  • A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards
    $12.95 A Tale of Three Kings
    All over the world, Christians have taken to heart this simple, powerful and beautiful story based on the biblical figures of David, Saul, and Absalom. This tale, told by one of America's foremost storytellers, has been...

  • Prisoner in the Third Cell
    $12.95 Prisoner in the Third Cell
    Once more the pen of Gene Edwards has crafted a masterfully told and profoundly moving story. The Prisoner in the Third Cell is a book of comfort, told as an unforgettable drama, for those caught up in circumstances of life...

  • DEAR LILLIAN Audio Book CD set
    Many Christians who have wondered what happened to their loved ones when they died have found encouragement and hope in the little book Dear Lillian. This is the book on CD

  • Dear Lillian
    $7.49 Dear Lillian
    An easy-to-read book that has brought comfort and hope to many people who suffer the death of a loved one. The book was produced from a letter the author Gene Edwards' mother-in-law requested he write to her when she...

  • Crucified by Christians
author - Gene Edwards
    $10.95 Healing for Christians Who Have Been Crucified by Christians
    Many are encouraged and helped toward healing by reading this book. Pain suffered by a Christian at the hands of another believer is one of the most destructive experiences one will ever know. Few recover completely. Many...

  • Letters to a Devastated Christian
    $8.95 Letters to a Devastated Christian
    Damaged by the domination of an overly authoritative Christian group, Ken finds himself a troubled young man with many questions. Ken's experience is representative of the large number of individuals who have been hurt by...

  • Suffering
    $4.95 $1.95 Suffering
    Birthed from a transcribed message by Prem Pradhan in 1989. The author was put in prison five times in Nepal, in unspeakable prison conditions. All his converts had to spend one year in prison, by law, if they were baptized...

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