Kilpatrick, Martha


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Mary of Bethany stands alone in the Gospels. She was the friend of Jesus, sharer of His secrets. She abides . . . uninhibited and limitless . . . an eternal emblem of Adoration of Jesus.

Adoration is a profound gaze at the very human story of two sisters, their contrast full of stark meaning. ""Mary and Martha, symbols of choice . . . between what gains God against what loses Him.""

Mary of Bethany received from Jesus what no other player in the Redemption Story received: His never-ending command that where the Gospel is preached the story of her alabaster jar is to be told . . .

This book proclaims her memorial place with extraordinary insight and reverance, laced with the goal of following this quiet one who was the delight of Jesus into our own . . . Adoration.


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2 Reviews

Peter & Rebekah Laue Aug 23rd 2013

Seventy-Five Copies of "Adortion" by Martha Kilpatrick

We purchased seventy-five copies of the book by Martha Kilpatrick. The first person who read one of the copies asked us for ten of them. That should sum up what we think of the book. Peter & Rebekah Laue

Lucille Maartin Oct 4th 2012

Glory To The KING

This is an AWSOME book. Such an opening message. Thank you Martha Kilpatrick !

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