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Americanization of Christianity

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This unique book of 115 pages was written to indigenous workers, not Americans nor American missionaries, nor an English-speaking audience, but for workers in third-world countries. It was intended to be translated into other languages. The purpose of the book was to show indigenous Christians that they can raise up a church that would not look like the churches raised up by missionaries from England and the United States. We encourage you to read this hard-hitting book. If you know of a non-English speaking Christian worker, we invite you to send that believer a copy of this book. The Americanization of Christianity is not for the conformist. It is written for the brave-hearted Christian who would like to see indigenous believers expressing the church in a way that matches their own culture rather than an American expression.

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Product Reviews

  1. Powerful Presentation 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 28th 2017

    The argument to address those who are not Americans is unique and profound in the implication that the Western Christians have become hard of hearing. Convicting message and a thought provoking read to hopefully bring a God-birthed solution to change our present Western Christianity.

  2. Do Not Read This Book... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 29th 2013

    ... if you want to remain content with a shallow and powerless Christianity. We have confused being a student of American Christianity with being a disciple of Jesus Christ! Somehow we have confused knowing the commands of Christ with doing the commands of Christ, as if knowing about what Jesus told us is the same as actually obeying. This book makes you really stop and consider whether we are really serving the Lord at all in most American churches. A must read...

  3. It grieves me 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 11th 2013

    I have read a couple of Gene's books so on this topic, I chose to read them as well as buying Revolutionary Bible study because for some time now I have been asking and wondering the same question, that being what in heck is wrong with American churches. As I have been a believer since 1975, I have been dumbfounded and never could understand how powerless the church in this country is. I read the word and read things like Jesus saying and these things shall follow those that believe and yet I am hard pressed to see any of these things ever happening and yet I read and hear of testimonies from around the world mostly in third world countries that signs and wonders are happening all the time and from uneducated, illiterate people who don't even have bibles, but hearing the word of God preached to them believe it and then go out and do them. My Heart breaks at how all of this garbage we are being taught in this country about how church is to be. As I have gained more understanding as how it really was with the First Century church I have begun to kick against the goad so to speak and break out of and speak out against this normal accepted dead paradigm, and Gene has been right, I have been called cuckoo and whacked and even deceived, all of which I could care less about. So Keep up the good fight and may Father give us the grace and deep resounding Revelation on how to right this, so His true Bride can become Holy pure and powerful the way she was intended to be from the beginning of time. Thank you for your dedication to this cause, I only wish I had the funds to attend your retreat coming up soon I am sure I could have learned much much more.

  4. Christianity should not be American only 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 17th 2011

    At first the book didn't do much for me, but then it kicked into gear and left me desiring the eclesia and her only. To be a part of the Body of Christ makes all else pale in comparison. The book covers the options before us. Stay in the traditional church and watch it slowly decline......Join up with the para-church movement and watch individuals quickly burn out....or dare to break free and seek that which He has for us. Interacting with his body. I enjoyed the descriptive way this book encourages us not to spread our version of Christianity, be it American or not, to others. Great book to bring to light the failure of the American Church and to put out a call to us to return to first century Christianity.

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