Edwards, Gene

Divine Romance

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The most beautiful love story ever told!

A book of power, beauty and grandeur. Rarely has a piece of Christian literature combined the simplicity of the storytelling art with the profound depths of the Christian faith.

In this sweeping saga, spanning from eternity to eternity, you will discover some of the deepest riches afforded the believer. Like some mighty symphony, here is a majestic rendition of the love of God.

Behold the story of the Crucifixion and Resurrection as it has never been presented... from the view of angels!

Be there when rising from the dead, the Lord brings forth his beautiful bride. The story concludes at the consummation of the ages, when a victorious Lord takes his bride to himself. This truly is the greatest love story ever told.

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3 Reviews

Shannon Grice Mar 31st 2022

Dance with the Lord

After reading this book I didn't just put it down. This book is one to create dances to! Dance with the Lord in The Divine Romance. I love Gene Edwards. He is like one of the Christian mystics of previous centuries, in our time!

Sally Sears Dec 21st 2016

Still Lovin' This

I can't even remember who first shared this book with me, but after 25 years, I'm still reading and giving it to others! Remarkable journey that Gene Edwards envisions, has seen (and no doubt been here) and shares with us. Takes you out of the mundane to desire to see His realm more clearly RIGHT NOW!

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