Edwards, Gene

How to Meet in Homes

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Warning: Do not read this book if you enjoy Sunday morning church services!

This book is for those believers, be they Catholic, Protestant, Conservatives, Fundamentalists, or Pentecostal/Charismatics who want to utterly abandon it all, from top to bottom, and start over in a way that is a revolutionary, radical departure from all present-day church practices.

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2 Reviews

Carol Druckman Apr 25th 2012

Language could have a little finesse to it.

I learned a great deal; prompted many questions regarding the times/culture of the first century church vs. today's culture and affluency. I think the basic idea is very Scriptural.

Enoch Rowell Dec 15th 2011

My spirit leaped for joy!! Finally, someone understands me!!

Gene Edwards' " How to Meet in Homes " is a must read for those of us who are sick and tired of "church" as normal. I am a former pastor of about 15 years and God has been speaking to me for over 2years about these issues in the Church. Finally I know I'm not alone! I can't read enough! Thank-you and God Bless You! Enoch Rowell

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