Edwards, Gene

Inward Journey

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Chris Young became a Christian a few months ago. Now he writes to his older, wiser Uncle Bill; "I'd like to ask you... what part suffering will play in my life."

Uncle Bill responds, and thus begins a series of personal letters from the seasoned Christian worker to encourage and guide his young relative in the Christian life.

As we read these letters, we too gain great help and insight into how God transforms our character and fashions us into the image of Christ.

The cross, suffering, transformation and God's ultimate purpose are the issues that unfold in this unique book by Gene Edwards. Though written for the new believer, it speaks with a depth and newness that will arrest even the most mature believer.

The story spans time, space and eternity to deliver its beautiful, moving and profound message.

The Inward Journey is the third of a three-book series entitled "Introduction to the Deeper Christian Life."

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Daniel Apr 5th 2021

"Trials & Tribulations"

"Suffering can be a true reality and blessing to all, as long as you do not resent it."

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