Edwards, Gene

Prisoner in the Third Cell

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Once more the pen of Gene Edwards has crafted a masterfully told and profoundly moving story. The Prisoner in the Third Cell is a book of comfort, told as an unforgettable drama, for those caught up in circumstances of life they do not understand.

In this dramatic story, John the Baptist, imprisoned by Herod and awaiting death, struggles to understand a Lord who did not live up to his expectations.

If you are a suffering Christian or know of one, this book will bring enormous comfort - and insight to the ways of God.

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Oct 27th 2015

I walked with John the Baptist

I can not believe a review has not been previously written. Matthew 11:1-6 came alive. "Offense" took on a deeper meaning. Needless to say this book began a meaningful reading experience with many of Gene Edward's writings.

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