Edwards, Gene

Revolution, The Story of the Early Church

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A rip roaring, hair raising, edge-of-your-chair saga of the first-century believers. From the day of Pentecost, on through the first seventeen years, every historical figure of that age is there: alive, vivid, believable.

The book of Acts is there; ancient history is there; men secular and sacred come alive! An historical cliff-hanger written like a novel.

There is not another book on the first century like it in print. The story of the early church, the word of God in century one is once more alive, down to earth and thrilling. A new dimension in first-century history.

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5 Reviews

Jim Luck Nov 4th 2019

Every Serious Follower Must Have This Book In The Permanent Library

I first purchased this book in 1990-91. Have given away multiple copies, including mine (recently discovered missing). So I got another one--Thank God it is still available! A seminal and singular work. The feeling you have as you are reading it and when you finish it: terrible, terrible homesickness!

Scott Mantyla, Tacoma, WA Jul 17th 2015

Finally, I have a picture of the how God launched the church.

I am so glad Gene Edwards meticulously sorted out and presented what God did to grow his church. However, I feel sad because I don't expect I will ever experience church life as is meant to be. I feel cheated that I am missing the dynamic fellowship and the joy of God's ecclesia.

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