Edwards, Gene

Revolutionary Bible Study

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     Revolutionary Bible Study introduces a totally new way to study God’s Word, making the Scripture clearer than it has ever been known before. It can, not only revolutionize our understanding of the New Testament, but it can also change the very practice of Christianity. Until now, there has been a built-in blockage to our study of the Bible. Unnoticed, this barrier has prevented all of us from understanding what the New Testament is saying. The problem? The chaotic arrangement of Paul’s letters. Now this hindrance is removed. Suddenly, we have a dozen new helps for clearly understanding what the New Testament is saying. As you read this book, expect to see the New Testament opened to you as you never imagined. The change is profound.

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8 Reviews

Daniel Apr 3rd 2021

"A Good Help"

"Found this helpful with my bible study"

Cindy Moore Oct 23rd 2019

Makes The Acts three-dimensional!!

Such an encouraging book. Gene Edwards had a great idea when he put Paul's letters in chronological order. Now I'm reading the Acts with the epistles in the order Paul wrote them. The church I always thought had to be there really IS there! Alive! The letters make much more sense when you know the background of their writing. I'm reading Revolution the First-Century Diaries at the same time; best "commentaries" I've ever read on Acts and the epistles. Too late to sit on the living room floor with Gene, but I'm so thankful he left us these books. Honest, they are all treasures.

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