Guyon, Jeanne

Song of Songs (Song of Solomon)

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Here is the story of a young maiden fervently in love with her suitor. Guyon reveals this as the relationship of the believer to the Lord, and opens new vistas for understanding the Lord's ways in bringing the believer to love Him.

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3 Reviews

Karla Sep 18th 2023

Greatest love story ever written!

I have had this book for years and absolutely love the love story between Jesus and His Bride. I have read it over and over again as I have journeyed with the Lord. I felt led to give it to a friend and then wanted another copy for myself. I wanted this modern English version of it because it is so much easier to understand. I have been wonderfully blessed to find so many other books by Jeanne Guyon in modern English through Seed Sowers.

Obedient Servant Feb 13th 2022

Best Commentary Read This Year

I love this so much and recommend it to all brethren that are offended by this wonderful love letter.

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