Guyon, Jeanne

Song of Songs (Song of Solomon)

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Here is the story of a young maiden fervently in love with her suitor. Guyon reveals this as the relationship of the believer to the Lord, and opens new vistas for understanding the Lord's ways in bringing the believer to love Him.

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2 Reviews

Obedient Servant Feb 13th 2022

Best Commentary Read This Year

I love this so much and recommend it to all brethren that are offended by this wonderful love letter.

Lucille Maartin Oct 3rd 2012

Best Book I've ever read !

I got this book in 1990. Didn't read until Nov.07. Someone quoted something from the book , which was named The Song of The Bride. They named the author Jeanne Guyon. I knew I had ordered some of her writings and had put some of the books in my attic. So while looking through my books, there it was, The Song of The Bride. I found it Nov.2007. Since that date I have read this book 68 times. Since I first read it I ordered several for people I thought might read it. Now the name is The Song of Songs. This book helps you see the realization JESUS wants with us all. Thank you for publishing this GREAT BOOK.Please tell everyone it is the Heart of CHRIST and us HIS BRIDE !!!

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