Pradhan, Prem


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Birthed from a transcribed message by Prem Pradhan in 1989. The author was put in prison five times in Nepal, in unspeakable prison conditions. All his converts had to spend one year in prison, by law, if they were baptized. This book was written to those converts, and is now written to you concerning suffering. A precious jewel from a man who spoke on suffering because he suffered. His wrists and ankles bore the deep scars of years in shackles.

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2 Reviews

Sep 14th 2016

Prem on suffering

Wonderful message by Prem on suffering carries such weight as he lived such an amazing life as a pioneer missionary to his people in Nepal. Loved every word.

Apr 28th 2016

We Are Soldiers For Jesus Christ 2 Timothy 2

This book is an amazing powerhouse of sharing in the glory and the sufferings in this life with our Lord Jesus! He slices through the religious and brings out the hidden gems of bringing others into the Kingdom of God with just love, sufferings, joy, and the light of God within us! Wow, it was an incredible read, and I honor what he carries for the Lord!

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