Edwards, Gene

The Escape

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Commentary on Exodus. God's voice breaks into Abram's consciousness. The livestock farmer responds with faith, following God's direction to an unknown land.

Meanwhile, in the heavenlies, the angels eagerly watch as God promises to make the childless Abram into Abraham, the father of a great nation - a people through whom God will fulfill his purpose in creation.

Abraham . . . Isaac . . . Jacob and Esau . . . Joseph and his brothers . . . a famine that forces the clan's move to Egypt, where they suffer in slavery . . . the unglamorous rise of the great leader Moses.

Finally the stage is set for some of the greatest events in human history: the escape of the Israelite people from Egypt, their miraculous survival in the desert, and their arrival at the land they would call their own.

In The Escape, you can experience the drama in a new way by watching the events from two perspectives: that of the earthly participants and that of the angels in the glorious heavenly realm. At those times when the door opens to join heaven and earth, you will understand with new insight the mysteries of God at work in his creation.

The Escape is the second book in a five-book series entitled "The Chronicles of the Door." (The Beginning, The Escape, The Birth, The Triumph, The Return.)

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