Edwards, Gene

The Triumph

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A commentary on John 21 & 22. "Await my command, Michael... Do nothing unless I so order. Do you understand?"

The mightiest of archangels was torn between his rage and the restraining voice of his Lord. Seeing Jesus arrested in Gethsemane and put on trial before Pilate was almost more than Michael - and thousands of other angels - could withstand.

Utterly unable to understand the mystery unfolding before him, Michael accepts an invitation from the wise and ancient Recorder to take a journey beyond space and time. The angels venture forth to comprehend the suffering and death of Jesus, and the mystery of free will in the light of God's eternal purpose. At last they witness the triumph of Jesus' resurrection.

Come along and experience for yourself the foundational events of the Christian life. Gain new eyes of faith through this profound, compelling and entertaining drama.

The Triumph is the fourth of a five-book series entitled "The Chronicles of Heaven." (The Beginning, The Escape, The Birth, The Triumph, The Return.)

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