Edwards, Gene

When the Church Was Led Only by Laymen (Pamphlet)

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You have been denied the greatest privilege a Christian can know, and you do not know it! Not only you, but virtually every Christian who has ever lived for at least the last 1700 years has not known of this loss.

Of what do I speak? This fact: Only the first-century church found its direction from the brothers and sisters. It did not find its direction from ministers, nor elders. The individual churches did not find their very existence and survival deposited in ministers. Counterwise, those churches existed by means of brothers.

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3 Reviews

Rodney Stevens Jan 16th 2014

What to do with you

I give this booklet to brothers who are wanting to do more for Christ than just warm a pew on Sundays. The hungry will benefit from it.

Leslie Dec 26th 2012


This booklet filled in the blanks in my view of the corporate church and how people relate to one another. I can see, hear and feel that something is missing in the teaching and fellowship while attending church as well as in groups of friends. Thank you Gene Edwards for explaining church planters and how people are meant to relate as a tribe. Blessings

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