Edwards, Gene

100 Days in the Secret Place

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Bored with the exercises of religious ritualism and parched by the teachings of dry dogma, man searches for a way back home to the place of His presence. Unfortunately, this journey inward is a "road less traveled," and too few have found the way.

Gene Edwards, the master storyteller, has gathered together the writings of three Christian mystics from the seventeenth century: Michael Molinos, Jeanne Guyon, and Francois Fenelon. The writings of these "masters of the spiritual way" will be as lampposts leading the weary traveler towards that secret place lovingly created by the Father.

The writings of Molinos, Guyon, and Fenelon will bring you to the brink of your own humanity as they lure you to step over the threshold into the world where God has prepared a special place just for you.

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2 Reviews

cheryl Jun 9th 2023

Seek and you will find

This is highly recommended to those seeking to be one with the Lord. Amazing for sure!!

cheryl Jan 20th 2023

If you are seeking

Highly recommended for those seeking to be closer to God and Jesus.

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