Edwards, Gene

The Day I Was Crucified

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A compelling book written in first person, with the Lord telling the story of his death and resurrection. It is a book as moving and as powerful as any motion picture. The reader is ushered into a realm where the crucifixion is seen from the view of the angels and principalities. No one can read this story without tears and praise.

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2 Reviews

Frank A Cebollero Mar 15th 2014


Gene Edwards transports you to one of the most important moments of human history...The Cross. The scene is so real that you will experience and understand truths that are life transforming. I'm sure this book will join the ranks of "A Tale of Three Kings" and be treasured by many generations of Christians.

Melinda Beers Jan 16th 2013

A Perspective Like No Other

This is an amazing first person account of Yahshua's crucifixion. Until I read this, I had not totally realized how much more there is to the TRUTH of the crucifixion and resurrection. Much more than churches relate or apparently even know. It is easy to understand how the salvation of man and Yahweh's glorious creation could only be accomplished through an original divine plan. So, let Yahshua relate it Himself to you.

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