Edwards, Gene

Christ Before Creation

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"Come, take my hand. Together let us go into God...into the very center of God Himself."

Gene Edwards thus takes you on a journey into God, there to explore the invisibles.

This book is listed in our order form as part of The Chronicles of Heaven, though in this website it is not. It does lead into the Chronicles very nicely and can be read before The Beginning.

You will discover that the center of God is Christ...at a time before Christ created. Be there with Him before He created. You will discover there is much which Christ did before He created. Watch as He passes farther into the eternals. Here is Christ before angels, Christ even before nothingness, and Christ the One who is all.

What is it like to become familiar with seeing the unseen, to live in, to think in and to comprehend another realm, with no up, no down, no space, no time...a place before time, mass or dimension? Meet a transcended Lord outside the space-time continuum, a Lord free of the fetters of creation.

Journey with your Lord who lives in the eternal now.

No subject has been more neglected (and needed) than that of understanding - and touching - the invisibles.

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2 Reviews

Apr 22nd 2022

A truthful perspective on Jesus’ place with God.

Gene Edwards shares his insights and depth about how the Trinity existed and were one before time and space existed. It’s a fascinating perspective that often isn’t written about or discussed. Gene Edwards has a gift for writing that is refreshing, honest, and offers a valuable perspective to those who are hungry to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Dr. Leonrd Hoffman May 5th 2015

required reading

Very enjoyable read. Hard to find a place to stop. I give this book to every new believer as well as any who are interested in a deeper walk with Jesus. It is required reading for every "Beyond the Veil" workshop I present.

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