Story of My Life, as Told by Jesus Christ

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      Listen to Jesus, the Christ, tell His own story . . . in His own words.

     You will find all four Gospel accounts combined in one single, flowing narrative. The Story of My Life as Told by Jesus Christ is a complete and thorough picture of the events of Christ's life. Now you can read about the Lord's life in chronological order, without repetition of a single detail; and every sentence in the four Gospels is included.

      Each of the four Gospels is unique. Yet, taken together, these accounts combine to form a complete story. Allow yourself to be immersed into the setting of the life and ministry of Christ. Follow His footsteps as He walked the earth with those He knew and loved.

     The impact is so arresting, you will feel that you are hearing the Gospel story as you have never heard it.

     Based on Tyndale's New Living Translation Bible, The Story of My Life as Told by Jesus Christ is in readable, contemporary English. A wonderful study aid for all ages.

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2 Reviews

Cynthia Duncan Jun 21st 2021

Great read!

I enjoyed this book a lot. After reading the one about Acts I decided to get this one about Jesus. I liked the way it was written in first-person and in chronological order. There were several typos & print errors, but the material was great.

John W. Smith III Jul 18th 2012

best rendition to an overall appreciation of Christ

I am currently teaching the entire Bible in 1 year chronologically. I did the work for the OT and intertestimonial times thru alot of trailblazing efforts. Thank you Gene for supplying a great backdrop for the NT. I already had 2 copies and have purchased enough to put your work into the hands of my students. We will be using these books as our textbooks for the next few months.

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