Edwards, Gene

God Is Looking for a Man for the 21st Century (The Arena,Pamphlet)

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A pamphlet written to fiery young men, to call those men to believe that the church as it exists today is a hopeless cause; to step out of the traditional church and enter the arena, while others sit in the stands and change nothing.

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3 Reviews

Steve Feb 10th 2016

Every serious Christian man needs to know

This book hits every category of commitment.

Ron Lacy, B.A. Watchman Ministry Sep 16th 2013

A Call To MEN or A MAN (Joel 3:9-10)

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH GENE........ What Gene is trying to say here is that WE, the CHURCH, need some men or even a man who is willing to go into the ARENA, that is the INSTITUTIONAL CHURCH and fight for the TRUTH, to the death if necessary. NOT going into the Institutional Church, that has already been tried! BUT into an arena (any place we can get SOMEONE to listen), and SPEAK the truth, not some watered-down, ear-tickling messages to PLEASE THE PEOPLE. This is not some nice 'religious game' that is at stake. What is at stake HERE is the LIFE of THE BODY of Jesus Christ! NOTHING more and nothing less than one dedicated, to the death (The Death of SELF) will survive. "They overcome him (Satan) by NOT loving THEIR [self] life unto THE DEATH [death to self]." Rev. 11:12 The only other review to this book is someone who said they think this is a great little book to Call to a Holy Life, and good for teens. They plan to give it to their son. I hope and pray the son gets the message, it is MUCH MORE than a call to a holy life, although that is also very Important.

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