Edwards, Gene

Unleashing The Word of God

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It happened 1800 years ago. The chaotic arrangement was accepted and later became the only way to arrange Paul's letters. As a result, we cannot know what the New Testament is saying. We have never seen the church of Century One. We do not know what happened in the first Christian century. We have no model of the first-century from which to work. Counterwise, we have been creating Christian practices made up of the short passages from the New Testament, never seeing the entire panoramic saga. Unleashing the Word of God is a must read. Included with the book is a DVD.

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1 Review

Roger Roberts Mar 20th 2012

Going thru the maze? Time for clarity!

I tore apart my NT in about '82, did my best to put it into Acts and started to understand a wider picture of what happened and why. "Revolutionary Bible Study" greatly increased the vision of what took place. Thanks, Gene. I appreciate your time that it took to research and compile such a simple help! I watched on youtube the 5-part series on the chaotic order we are faced with and was deeply encouraged! Got saved in 1976, bored in 1979, stayed home after that, began wondering why the NT didn't make sense when reading it from Matthew to Revelation... too many gaps that I could not follow, so I decided to "re-arrange" what I had. Found a LOT of the missing pieces..where was Paul? why did Peter and Paul write similar letters to the believers? What was happening in Rome and Jerusalem that made them write that? How did they keep in touch? And what the heck was going on with them both writing to ordain "elders" when there was no need to?? And why on earth do we still have this curse upon us (elder mentality??) In '82, I did not find anyone who was willing to "touch" their book, to tear it apart and reconstruct it in order to better come to grips with what happened, and what is going on today...I met Him in'76 and knew something was amiss..wanted clarity and help to balance what I was being taught (ex-baptist, ex-plymouth brethren, now evangelical free pastor's teaching) sorry, I just didn't "get it" .. lost a lot of friends, but met some wonderful sisters and brothers during the process! One last thing... once in the "maze" - being free is "A-mazing!"

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