Edwards, Gene

Living by the Highest Life

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After years of work, Gene Edwards has completely revised the book entitled The Highest Life. Going beyond the revisions, he has included embossed diagrams to assist you in understanding your life in Christ.

Edwards recommends Living by the Highest Life for every Christian. He immediately introduces you to the unseen realm . . . the realm of the spirit . . . the realm of your Lord. Without a doubt, the spiritual insights presented in this book will revolutionize your life!

Here is a book specifically written to introduce the believer into the deeper Christian life. Here is the primer for understanding the mysteries of the Christian walk. What you will find in this book is that common thread which runs through the witness of the great Christians of the faith.

Out of his own life and experience, Edwards has written a profound, yet exceptionally clear book on the mysteries of Christ's life in you.

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2 Reviews

Jun 21st 2019

Living by the New Life inside of you...

This book was incredible at explaining how we live by the Spirit - understanding that we cannot live the Christian life on our own! One of my favorite lines in the book was "we need how to learn to live a life not our own". I was sharing this book nearly from the first chapter with all the women I walk with - and ordered copies for some of them as soon as I was finished. This is a book for new believer's! The pastor/author has such a clear method of teaching sometimes a complicated topic and what he teaches in this book needs to be understood by those just coming to Jesus, not after years of trying to work out something that was not intended to be a set of rules to follow, but a life to follow, a life to release, a life to submit and yield to the One we have given our life too! I endeavor to read MORE of this author's books!

Curt Ivar Shirley Apr 13th 2019

Revolutionized my Christian Walk

Read this book the first time in 2001 when I was part of a Christian fellowship who believed in performing works to please God. Turned my life upside down.

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