Pradhan, Prem

Prem Pradhan - Apostle to Nepal

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Prem Pradhan was led to Christ by members of Bakht Singh's people, in a city near Nepal. He was Nepal's first modern convert. Later, he became Nepal's apostle. By the end of his life, Prem had spent half of his Christian life in prisons. His crime? Preaching Christ and baptizing others.

His very first converts were all fellow prisoners. As you read his story, you will meet a simple man, yet one who matched Paul of Tarsus, stripe for stripe, imprisonment for imprisonment, beating for beating, and church for church. Modern history knows no greater tale than that of the life of Prem Pradhan. If you ever wanted to know the modern equivalent of a Jon Huss, John Wycliffe, the Anabaptists, or Paul, then read this man.

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5 Reviews

Garrett Mar 30th 2023

Remarkable man of God and a great read

I feel a calling to this same area and was interested in workers in this region. WOW! Prem reminded me of Paul, truly a remarkable man of God. I would have loved to learn from such a man. This book is a great read. I've actually bought several copies that I've given to friends.

sbyrd Apr 20th 2018

A wonderful biography of a modern day saint

This is an inspiring story of a man who is truly a modern day Paul. I had not heard of Prem Pradamn prior to visiting the Seed Sowers book store. I love reading biographies and ordered the book. This man's life exemplifies what it means to be a true apostle who totally walked in obedience to the Holy Spirit. His love for the Lord and the people of his country makes me realize how rare and wonderful He was. Since the book is written as a transcription from a testimony Prem gave while in North America, it is not a great literary work. However, the story is one of a very great man of god.

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