Edwards, Gene

Your Lord Is a Blue Collar Worker

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It is the year 17 A.D. in Nazareth. Three young men, all twenty-one years old, begin their training to serve God.

Two of the three men leave Nazareth. They are traveling to the holy city of Jerusalem to study and train in the temple.

One young man stays in Nazareth. Each day he will go to work in a carpenter shop. In that shop he will sweat and get blisters on his hands. He will learn to handle grumpy customers. Most of all, he will be immersed in the daily grind of working for a living.


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NS Oct 8th 2014

Short book but still 5 stars!

Gene Edwards is a master writer concerning Christ! This book is so beautifully written about the Lord's life of earthly ministry through His carpentry/construction work on earth. I'd like to give these as gifts to everyone I know that find their work boring, tedious, or "unChristian like"!

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