Edwards, Gene

Chronicles of Heaven (The SET of five books)

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A five-book series, commentaries on Genesis, Exodus, Luke, the 21st and 22nd chapters of John, and on Revelation. See more detailed descriptions under the five titles:

The Beginning, The Escape, The Birth, The Triumph, The Return

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5 Reviews

Lambert Hazelaar Jun 19th 2022

expands ones heart about Christ

a must read

John Larson Feb 2nd 2019

Gene Edwards books are truly from the Heavenly perpective

These books and all of his books are amazing! He had to have truly been shown by the Holy Spirit how this all went down from the angels perspective! It literally brings to life the background of Heaven throughout time from the eyes of our Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit! Thank you SeedSowers company for your being here to be a seedsower of God publication house!

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