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First-Century Diaries (The SET of Five Books)The Life and Letters of Paul

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     These five books are revolutionary. These five books give you a living dynamic of all Paul's letters--in the order he wrote them rather than in the order found in your New Testament. They give you a close look at the 70-year context of the age in which Acts and the Epistles were written.

The Silas Diary
Paul’s first journey…A.D. 47-50
Acts 13:1 – 15:40
Letter written during this period: Galatians

The Titus Diary
Paul’s second journey…A.D. 50-52
Acts 16:1 – 18:1
Letters written during this period: I and II Thessalonians

The Timothy Diary
Paul’s third journey…A.D. 52-57
Acts 18:1 – 19:23
Letters written during this period: I Corinthians

The Priscilla Diary
Paul’s third journey continues…A.D. 57-62
Acts 19:23 – 28:31
Letters written during this period: II Corinthians and Romans

The Gaius Diary
Paul’s prison journey and fall of Jerusalem…A.D. 62-70
Letters written during this period: Colossians, Ephesians,
Philemon, Philippians, I Timothy, Titus, II Timothy

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2 Reviews

lawrence bernstein Jun 1st 2021

riveting story telling

Of course any one that has read Gene Edwards before knows that they will be taken on a marvellous journey that opens up the biblical narrative in a captivating manner. Well this series does not disappoint. Highly recommended !!

Paul Fisher Nov 15th 2017


The First Century Diaries have been a wonderful read. Well researched, I have walked away learning more about the First Century culture in which these events occurred. I do highly recommend this series. Enjoy!!

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