Edwards, Gene

Gaius Diary

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In this gripping narrative we hear of many historical events that cause perilous times for the fledgling church. Gaius tells of the fall of Jerusalem and the martyrdom of Christians torn apart by wild animals in the Colosseum and of others perishing as human torches in Nero's garden. Near the end of the book Paul's own death is very movingly described. His friends shout encouragement as Paul approaches his execution:
We will fight the good fight...as did you. We will carry on!

Despite seemingly overwhelming persecution, the church survives and successfully incorporated Gentile and Jewish Christians with the incredible shepherding of two apostles: Paul (founder of many Gentile churches) and Peter (Jesus' disciple and head of the Jerusalem church).The Gaius Diary is the fifth of a five-book series entitled "The First-Century Diaries." (The Silas Diary, The Titus Diary, The Timothy Diary, The Priscilla Diary, The Gaius Diary.)

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2 Reviews

Dieter Jul 19th 2021

Must Read

this is a must read for everyone wanting to understand The Acts and Epistles better.

Carol MacFarland Jan 4th 2021

changed the way i read the bible

he best books i have ever read. makes the bible alive the new testament and Pauls writings. ,life changing books

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