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Timothy Diary

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Based on the book of Acts, this compelling story of the first-century church focuses on Paul's adventurous journeys. In The Timothy Diary Paul's young Christian companion, Timothy, gives a firsthand account of the third journey.

This journey is quite different from Paul's others. It's the fulfillment of Paul's dream, for in Ephesus Paul trains a handful of young men to take his place after his death. Paul follows Christ's example in choosing and training disciples to spread the Gospel and encourage the growth of the church.

Stand beside Timothy as he meets the apostle Peter - "The Rock"! Feel Timothy's surprise and nervousness as Paul asks him to preach in Solomon's Colonnade before the entire Jerusalem assembly, including several of the Twelve! Hear Paul's answers to the very difficult questions posed by the church in Corinth.

The Timothy Diary is the third of a five-book series entitled "The First-Century Diaries." (The Silas Diary, The Titus Diary, The Timothy Diary, The Priscilla Diary, The Gaius Diary.)

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