Edwards, Gene

Jeanne Guyon Nobody Knows

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            This volume is a look at Guyon’s life that Gene Edwards discovered while in Europe researching the history of the Nonconformists. This included retracing the steps of Jeanne Guyon. Her life is not only unbelievable in its devotion, hardship, and notoriety, but it still held previously unknown facts.

            With camera in hand, Edwards photographed places Guyon’s life led her - places never before depicted. You will find twelve pencil sketches of those photos included. These line drawings will allow you another visual depiction of her life.

            If you have been influenced by the incredible life and books of Guyon, you will come to love her story all the more. Edwards researched her life story to the end and found something shocking that no one knew - what happened to Guyon after her death.

            This is the first time the reader will understand what her imprisonments were like, as three of those prisons in which she was held still exist today.

            In The Jeanne Guyon Nobody Knows, there are 12 illustrations from her life including drawings of the four prisons where she was held.


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