James, Nancy

I, Jeanne Guyon

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            Readers of Jeanne Guyon have been waiting for this book. Guyon’s biography and autobiography are the most recommended, most read, and most revered life stories of any Christian woman in church history.

            Now Nancy James has given us a new, better, and clearer story of Guyon’s life. Dr. James has combined Guyon’s biography and autobiography into one. The author has then cast the story in first person, that is, with Guyon speaking. Dr. James has added fresh, new insight into the life of church history’s most revered and influential woman.

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Roger Nebel Oct 26th 2014

Height of Creative Talent

I was transported to France and Switzerland of the 17th century by this book. I read the entire book in one day. An entire life of obedience in one day! All the exuberance, the humiliation, the pain, the ecstasy of Madame Guyon as she lived it is here. The politics of the day, the reality of the poor, the love of Jesus Christ. The author has spent her academic career carefully studying Jeanne Guyon, and Dr. James' attention to details and painstaking research shows itself brilliantly in these pages. She loves deeply and that love is evident here. If you read one book let this be the one, and you will be uplifted as I was. In the chapter "Love's Crossing", and leading up to it, the author shows you how God used the actors in this real life drama to bring His kingdom into reality through this remarkable woman.

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