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Madame Jeanne Guyon, Her Autobiography (condensed and modernized)

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JEANNE GUYON is Christianity's best-known and most influential woman in church history. Her autobiography has moved the hearts of believers for three centuries. Even today, in France, she is one of the greatest figures of French history.

Today Guyon is revered by both Protestants and Catholics as one of the greatest sources of help in a deeper walk with God. Few Christians have experienced the depths of prayer as profoundly as Jeanne-Marie Guyon (1648-1717), a beautiful, wealthy French woman whose prolific writings, including an entire commentary on the Bible, have remained a treasured legacy of the church.

Guyon's influence reached the court of Louis XIV. Jealousy ensued, and she was imprisoned in the infamous Bastille. Indeed, for most of her life she suffered persecution and endured imprisonment at the hands of the church, primarily because she believed all Christians could have a rich life of prayer. Perhaps John Wesley summed it up best: "Guyon is the greatest Christian to rise since the first century."

This edited, condensed, and updated edition of her autobiography--written from a lonely cell where she was imprisoned for her stand for Christ--reintroduces the power of a great woman of faith and the joy she found in the midst of grief and pain. THE REMARKABLE STORY OF ONE WOMAN'S HEAVEN-SENT RESOLVE TO GLORIFY GOD AMID DEBILITATING SUFFERING AND PERSECUTION

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Jul 25th 2014

This is the book to read if you desire a deep, intimate relationship with Almighty God!

Great! I highly recommend this autobiography for anyone who wants total devotion to God. It is definitely not for your run-of-the-mill Christian. This is truly what Almighty God want every child of His to experience, and this is definitely what the Christians were like in the Book of Acts. This is how they turned the world upside down. Total devotion to God!

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