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Stories I Love to Tell

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Stories I Love to Tell


Beloved author Gene Edwards shares stories including some of his own experiences

One of the best story tellers of the modern era, Gene Edwards has crafted a collage of tales to delight and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart.   From the author’s own transformative experience with Helen Keller at the Garden Tomb, to a “modern-day” sailor who lives to tell of being swallowed by a whale, Edwards offers this thoughtfully selected collection of stories that will make you laugh and cry, will shock and surprise you, but most of all will draw you into the captivating world of well-told stories about people whose stories are still worth the telling.


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2 Reviews

Al Jan 17th 2019

Stories We Heard That We Hoped Would Be Written

We have heard many of these stories over the years intermixed with Gene's teachings. Glad they have now been collected, written, and put in print under one cover.

Inga Lynn Apr 17th 2018

One of America's best loved story tellers has done it again....

It has been said before and bears repeating, “Gene Edwards is one of America’s best story tellers.” These stories come to life on the page - you can feel the tiny space of a storm cellar, the heat of the desert at the wailing wall and the icy cold of the ice tower. Stories I Love to Tell is very well written and every tale most enjoyable. I am certain it will be Mr. Edwards’ next classic.

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